A cuddly mama blah blah moment..

Can u believe this? Sadly enough I can. The question is WHEN did they “suddenly” use up all their money? after they kalah in the election. Naturally Khir would say this in response.
hahaha right.. sure..
“Former Pandamaran assemblyman and Klang MCA chief Datuk Teh Kim Poo said the new government should move forward and not start a witch-hunt on a non-issue.

“Sending letters asking for an explanation from present current and former Barisan state assemblymen is a waste. All the records are with the district offices,” he said.”

A witch hunt???? Finding out where the YEAR’s money has gone. how can you spend RM500K in that length of time.. Sanctamonious bunch! The bickering is really annoying and just how much crap is going on behind the scenes really makes u wonder!

on the other hand, Im not sure reg: the so called leader of Pakatan Rakyat, Anwar Ibrahim and I can’t decide whether I trust the guy lah. Having gone to school during the Anwar Education Ministry years, I just can’t shake the feeling of mistrust. Shrewd politician he def is. Powerful orator, again yes. But just.. something… now he wants to be PM. hmmm.. I’d love to be proven wrong of course.. but… I remember his own ultra Malay-isms. Had enough of that, thanks. I guess hes “striking while the iron is hot” as it were. With all the bickering happening within BN, may as well take advantage I guess.. who knows..

on the home front, the swimming lessons are going well, yay! we need to work on j1’s confidence issues, he’s not keen on feeling weightless, he needs to feel the floor under him. Being the stubborn one, he will definitely not do anything you tell him to do. sigh.

will continue more later 🙂 I need to get offline, a storm a-coming and it’s almost the kiddies bedtime.

later days!


One thought on “A cuddly mama blah blah moment..

  1. News. I have not read the papers for the last 2 weeks. Maybe better for me not to have to bother with all these nonsense for the time being. Hahaha…

    So glad your boys have started swimming. That’s one fo the things I’d like to see my kids doing too. 🙂 Sometimes we have so many unfulfilled dreams we think we want to have our children experience them…but swimming is vital for preserving their lives should they be in any water-over-the-head situation.

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