Post election over excitedness.

This article made me laugh. Wonder if the UMNO bigwigs themselves realise this.

There was an article in today’s Sun (But I can’t find it online) where one Penang UMNO fella has “told” the federal govt to withdraw funding for all their projects in the various states that have now gone over to the Opposition. Page 4 in the Sun today. Now I quote:

headline reads: UMNO: STOP FUNDING MEGA PROJECTS” (I’d agree with that one but not for the reasons he’s saying hee).
Penang: State Umno leaders want the federal government to withdraw federal funding for all the mega projects planned for the state and also to stop the Rapid-Penang bus service.

Penaga Assemblyman Datuk Azhar Ibrahim who is now opposition leader (Note: HAHAHA) said he will apply to the federal govt to stop all mega projects (Penang 2nd bridge, monorail transit system, penang Outer ring road) and leave penang out of th eNorther Corridor Economic Region scheme. He told a press conference the BN govt has promised all of these to the people and yet they rejected the BN govt by voting for DAP and PKR. “Let them see what DAP and PKR can do for them”, he said. End Quote.

EDITED: the NST had something on it here.

my first reaction was: WTF!? First of all, it’s not UMNO/BN money matey boy. It’s GOVT, i’e the PEOPLE’s money. So the voters in his constituiency who voted for him, kesian them right? So in that case, does it mean penang people don’t have to pay the govt tax money, plough it back into their state instead? Not all of these projects are good I guess. What an arrogant **#(#)@ dont you think it’s so childish tho? You didnt vote for me, I go merajuk and don’t want to friend you already. (rolls eyes).I wonder if this would only serve to PO more people? hehe

And yet they still have to talk abt racial representation. Perak also. Aiyo, I feel like smacking their heads together and saying LOOK TWITS, ifyou dont show how u can work together for the betterment of the RAKYAT that voted for you, go away and BN will win and you screwed yourselves. DOH! Same aso for BN lah. you effed up, you pay at the ballot box what..

Now is the time for Barisan Rakyat to sort themselves out and to prove they can do it better.

now this is funny. PM wants fewer members in cabinent. hahahaha thats cos he has less cronies to choose from. Also doesnt he have to choose ministers from the various states ke? Can’t see him choosing an opposition candidate. hehehee There are rumours of Kj b/c a Deputy Finance Minister. Aiyoo. He would really be out of touch if that’s the case. We shall see anyway.

Tan Sri Khalid, show us that the Coalition can work, show us that you aren’t just anwar’s lap dogs k? Im sorry, I still can’t find it to trust the man but I’ve met other PKR folks, ok lah 🙂

Now let’s see..


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