Oh this takes the biscuit!

It’s the De Facto Lawyer Man again!

Nazri comes up with this priceless gem.

hahahhahaha I just couldnt stop laughing. Wake up, matey boy.

” The Umno supreme council member said it appeared that the Malays, especially in the town areas, had become more confident now and felt they could compete with the other races on a level playing field. “We (Umno) have to really sit down and think. It looks like the educated Malays do not care about Malay rights anymore,” he said when contacted. “The Malay doctors, lawyers, engineers feel they have made it on their own merit. “It looks like the NEP is not something that can be used to persuade the Malays to support the Barisan Nasional. “The Malays are saying ‘you can’t scare us by talking about us losing our rights, because we are here on our own merit’.” “. ”

Oh mannnn that is funny. So admitting to threatening discontent is it? Wake up y’all. outdated already, need something else better, more thought out..

but He still provides amusement value.. haha


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