don’t they get it?!

Aiyo, dont these BN fellas get it?!
People are tired of being lumped together into racial categories lah. Tired of the racial politics, the “power sharing but not really sharing lah” dynamics of BN. Thats why you got TROUNCED dudes..

Then this belligerant, sore loser of a BN-MCA fella in Perak has to whine about this!

Mate, it’s like you working with the UMNO puteras who’ve gone over themselves to out-islam the state (when it suits them). They’ve worked out a workable compromise, all within the law. If DAP allowed the perak state govt to be an out and out islamic govt, then a bit different lah. But thus far, its not that way.

What a load of crock! Who elected him?!!??! Aiyoooo…


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