More spindoctoring?

It’s funny about how all the local TV stations and all that would play up on the Opposition, i.e oh they won’t be able to agree on anything, they don’t know how to work together, there’s economic ramifications blah blah blah blah. (oh like BN’s done such a great job in many places is it?).

Now THIS really takes the cake.. Rafidah (not sure what her proper title is) declares in this bernama snippet: “She added the opposition would not dare to change the policy in the states which they rule as this would only chase away investors from the states.

Citing Penang, which is now under DAP, Rafidah said if they change the policy, the state would suffer economic ramifications.”

Oh really? I’m pretty confident that the MAJORITY state govt will do what is right and keep the policies that WORK and edit/remove the policies that don’t work (For Penangites, the PGCC is one that I SINCERELY hope they stop cos it just plain REEKS). For Selangor etc I hope they preserve the Sg Buloh etc (since we’ve already lost the UM lands to commercial) forest reserves. Development doesnt always mean good things. Careful and sustainable development etc is best. Tan Sri Khalid, I really have faith in you and your “geng”. Let’s hope it happens. 🙂

I think she forgets (Rafidah that is) that is not the political party that matters so much to foreign investors, it’s good governance etc.

the RAKYAT has spoken. Now it’s time for BARISAN RAKYAT to step up to the plate and show us what you can do.


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