Js birth story

Decided to post this up (for “back up”).

I couldn’t find the document I typed up last time 😦 So I will do what I can from memory and I malas go search through our umpteen archives LOL

at 38 weeks, the Js were head down but bumping each other. Thought that I was having a lot of discharge, once when out and about with Mum and Dad, mentioned it and mum suggested I call the doctor. Doc said to come in. So we did. Found out it that it was amniotic fluid and one sack was almost dry and we would have to do an emergency csection. I was pretty upset cos I wanted natural birth and I tried asking if I can induce, he said if it was earlier, then maybe 😦

so made the calls. Headed to DSH. (thanks to my folks!). D rushed off from work. The Gang all came, which surprised the staff at DSH ahhaha Poor Sree even got mistaken for the expectant father (poor man LOL). I got prepped and we were wheeled upstairs. The place was so cold! D was there with me (I definitely opted for a spinal block instead) and I heard my babies cry, d took a pix of eahc when they were out. It was around 630pm or so (I can’t remember LOL) and I got to kiss my babies before they went to be cleaned up etc. At that time they werent so breastfeeding friendly, eck. I just remember the theatre being so cold etc and I was left there for so long. Anyway, it certainly was an experience, the pain etc, trying to get to grips to breastfeeding etc (this is before I knew any lactation consultant, any support group). I knew that it was the best for my boys so I had to keep going.

Thats a very short summary of it all LOL but thats all I can remember!


2 thoughts on “Js birth story

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  2. Wow, that’s scary…one sack almost dry.

    Yeah, I remembered with Micah, also C-section and the operating room is so cold. I couldn’t stop shivering for god knows how many minutes, even under the heating lamp, after delivery.

    Who did you see as your lactation consultant? Christine?

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