Voting day!

It felt good to cast my vote today. D’s a first time voter. We went over early this morning with the monkeys. It was relatively quick, painless and quiet though. I don’t know if it was cos it was relatively early. We had explained to the Js about elections (very general explanation lah) so they were very curious. The boys were well behaved and were patient with any waiting. j2 stayed with me while the other two went with d. I asked j2 to stand in the “exit” corner when I actually went to the polling booth so I dont get the “WHY ARE YOU TICKING THAT ONE MUMMY?!” at full volume question. 🙂 the good lad went over and waited although he did come up to when I was putting my votes in the respective boxes. It was quite funny, he called out “oooo! one of them’s orange, it’s my favourite colour!” which made folks smile but it’s cool. D did get the question from j1 but no mention of which one d chose hahaha

I didnt fold one three times (although I asked the guy if it would be invalid cos of that (which would REALLY P.O. me), he said no, but better lah. So we plodded onwards to breakfast. They were rather excited (k was clueless but liked the outing anyway hehe).

D and I were chatting later while the kids were playing around out in the living room and we’ve realised something (or me in my half asleep state realised this) reg: what AAB said yday (see yday’s post). Basically he’s saying that Parliament is not the government and our elected representatives aren’t worth diddly, cos he’s saying it’s only MINISTERIAL posts that are the only way we can have representation of our interests (whatever racial thing is another story lah). So what is Parliament then? Ministers are supposed to be answerable to Parliament (under the law if I’m not wrong). So again AAB is barking up the wrong Pinang Tree. EEEEEEEEEhhh…

Voting is now closed, it shall be interesting! Hopefully the Rakyat took matters in their own hands and voted with their brains to give the ruling coalition a kick up the pants, the arrogant (@)%*%)@)@. 🙂

Enough said 🙂


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