This annoyed the *())!_! out of me!

The Star’s latest Badawi-spouting really got me mad!

So basically if we don’t vote BN, we are sidelined, marginalised, discrimminated against? Does that include the non-UMNO bunch? To me, this is the loudest indication of how they just dont give a flying ))##*@**! about Malaysians. So much for being a PM for all Malaysians as he emphatically kept declaring. Anyway, even if we had “chinese” “indian” representation within the govt, are they effective? Do they really, really MAKE A DIFFERENCE? Look at Samy Vellu. He’s the sole rep. did he do enough? MCA? hurmph.

This is just the last straw lah. I’m not a huge fan of opposition parties, any political parties, but Im just cheesed off at AAB’s attitude (and that of his party/coalition). I’ve been here generations. IF you tell me to go back where you belong, I’d be back in Penang.



One thought on “This annoyed the *())!_! out of me!

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