A very happy night..

(Get your mind of the gutter y’all 🙂 )

For one night (courtesy of my heart’s sister, Min 🙂 ) I got to forget the cares and worries of late. No juggling things, no sick kids, worry about this and that, schooling etc. Just listening to the the wonderful sounds of music!

Yes, I went to see harry connick jr. That glorious big band sound, foot tapping, soul wrenching lovely stuff. He sounds almost exactly like he does on the CDs, beautiful! I can’t believe that there were people who just sat there, (a) looking bored. (b) expressionless. very few people were tapping their feet or fingers along to the music. Even if you weren’t a huge big band fan, but c’mon lah. He was hilarious, the band was amazing, oh it was the most wonderful night! 🙂 And I got to meet one of my idols (well not quite idol but I can’t think of the right word), Marina M. She’s so nice 🙂

Now Im off to listen to my new CD 🙂 happpppy days!


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