Beginning of the year..

There’s always so much going on it seems beginning of the year, festive season to recover from and to look forward to (or stress over, like hubs does hehe), school fees, this and that payments.. ARRRRGHH

ok, minor rant there. I see the cooking oil  market will be “flooded” now. The conspiracy theorist side of me thinks, if the govt could do this all along, why then u want till got rationing then you do. Kosmo carried the story that refined flour also will be rationed. Hmmm.. the Govt boys wanna look like heroes is it? coming in to “save the day” with produce? Hmmm..

So the profits from petronas (all 70-80billion), among other things.. where are they? The raising of tariffs when profits are also greater..

I guess Im on  a rampage in a way cos I’ve been struggling with the budget and financial planning as it were (HEADACHE) and seeing the ever increasing costs.. ah welll… and with three kids in full time preschool (well half day), major ouchies! At least we’ve been walking to school each morning, walk here and there, trying to save some fuel costs and get some exercise to boot 😀 Gotta really stretch the imagination to try and find ways to trim here and there, be environmentally friendly without shooting myself as it were.

What are the ways you’ve learn to be more cost effective etc?


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