EEEEEEEEEE jelak/geram betul

Lately we’ve been reading the news (purely on the mainstream papers, not just “alternative” news).

Changing road names to be “meaningless” See NST‘s report. Destroying slowly whatever’s left of our history, buildings, temples, blah blah blah. The patronising tone of our politicians, esp the big boys (in their minds). “The Rakyat” “The people”. Like we are all this massive group of faceless sheep. URGH.

But this made me laugh this morning (and I needed it after a sick kid today), and I say kudos to these guys for having the BALLS to send a little “hint” to our PM. Thanks rocky for this link: bet u wont find it in the mainstream papers.

Things are developing quite “interestingly” (hey if they can coin new phrases, so can I hehe, after all Im part of “THE RAKYAT”). Looks like the mechanism is kicking on for election. Sleeping Head has been very silent you know, despite Chua’s “sex tape” scandal. To be honest, I don’t care lah about what he does in his own time. That’s between him and his family. But with all the corruption, close one eye etc, so obvious, lagi nothing done. What’s happened to the police hunting nurin’s killer? all the other cases? Mat Rempits running riot, snatch thieves etc. They spend more time hunting down the woman in the sex tape, who has it, throwing thousands of FRUs and police officers at peaceful demostrators, candlelight vigils etc. But “tak ada personnel” etc etc for solving crime and doing things FOR real, that will make THE RAKYAT feel safe etc. Tearing down one of the last remaining forest reserves “for development”, tearing down Sg. Buloh Leprosy centre (sorry, dont know the exact name) where for 75years folks have lived happily and sustaining themselves etc. And for all things, an extension of a hospital.. How ironic. anyway like the councils really give a damn lah. They (and others) will carry on arbitarily cos there’s no check and balance, no “listening” to the people’s grouses etc, the EI reports are just worthless.

I haven’t blogged much cos I’ve been busy with the hols, coming back home, school, reno, cleaning etc etc but each day makes me all ITCHING to get voting. GO OUT AND REGISTER TO VOTE, IT:S YOUR RIGHT! You don’t vote, in a way, how can u complain lah, malas betul!

I’m not a fan of the opposition, I think those guys also need to get their act together, work out their differences, agree on an ideology and quit being race-based too! Once they get themselves in gear (much like the Opposition elsewhere), BN will be truly threatened and things will therefore change for the better. But I’d like to give them a shake up this election cos basically I’ve seen the country get worse bit by bit.. eroding much like all those slopes they keep building on. Driving up to penang was such a shock, seeing those bald hills.. sigh



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