Today’s headlines both amuses and saddens me

The Star today is peppered with various stores on the “illegal” (this word is used very liberally) BERSIH rally, traders who lost their biz on that day are paraded in front of the camera with various hand written signs (they look kinda blur and I think there’s an MCA man about in the pix, if I can remember lah, I can’t keep track of these guys LOL). Mr. “De Facto Govt Lawyer” is claiming no need for reform, ok what.. it’s lasted 50 years blah blah blah.. No:2 is “amused” by the EC Chairman’s knowledge of the election dates, he says he also doesn’t know. (yeah, what do you know, matey).

But what I find interesting is that the EC themselves says there should be a forum to discuss electoral reform.So are they delicately (or indirectly) saying there are more areas for improvement in our electoral system? (since we can’t out and out tell Mr. “De Facto Lawyer” that err, mate, you’ve got the wrong end of the stick AGAIN (or they thinking sticks and tunnels in the way that MP always seems to do).

I do feel sorry for the journalists though, I bet they find it frustrating (if they do indeed care anymore lol) that they can’t portray or report things as they are, rather than what has to be said. Licences are dependent on corporations with unashamed links to political parties. Sigh. And yet certain people kept repeating “wah, got avenues for you to speak mah”. Sure, right. Even as a person in the street, I can see the stifling. But then are Malaysians that bothered? Are they just as apathetic and tidak apa and get inured to all this? Again the “desensitised” view (sorry, not sure if I spelt anything correctly lol). We get excited and then it blows over and we are still back to square one.

So PM fella now says we have a royal commission, but he has to decide who and when and “what scope”. And it’s only on the lingam tapes (oh, now got no more mention of its authenticity kan? the two implicated in the video all very silent hor), nothing on the judiciary. We have to keep watching I guess. I wonder if they will keep delaying and delaying until we become “desensitised” as the Cousin would have us become. Oh, and isn’t the RC supposed to be set up by the Agung? you know, having the word ROYAL in it might be an indication. I really wonder what TM’s views would be. I wonder if he’s smacking his head again thinking “doh! I really dunno how to choose deputies do I?!”. but then what choices did he REALLY have?

Goodness, I’ve never blogged so much about politics and news headlines rather in the last few months. Sadlah. The opposition doesn’t seem a great alternative. If they were as concerned as they like to tout, then why don’t they have a non-race/religion based party either?! I think Jeff Ooi made a tactical error by allowing Al Jazeera to mention he was an independent journalist, that coloured the report already as we know he’s a DAP man now. Sigh. We so need a party with strong leaders, no race or religion, a REAL ALL-MALAYSIANS party. Do we have that?

I watch carefully the Education portfolio cos the Js are due to go to Primary school next year. Rumours that in the grounds of their school, they are building a kindy. With the rather gila rise in some areas of school fees, it would be interesting. However, I do like the teachers in their present school but man, their fees pengsan wei! Take out a 2nd mortgage to send them to school? and This is kindy! Not even private or international school. We definitely have to take out a 2nd mortgage to do that LOL Not sure it would be any better also. I don’t have the patience or resources to homeschool etc. Sigh. Most importantly our Education system needs a major overhaul, we have to be more competitive but then if you think macam jaguh kampung, I guess you wouldn’t care. Keep changing their minds and policies, English/Malay or what. Dunno. Even China is trying to improve its english standards to compete globally and their economy is the hottie choice now. Still obsessed with the whole “colonial past” things. Thats why I guess they keep tearing everything down also (both architecturally and societial speaking). Boy, I’m good at making up words today hehe Mebbe I should be in Parliament too! Mind you, I’m not so good at insulting and shouting at everyone (ok, shouting is one thing) and I can’t stomach idiots and nonsense, so that’s out too hehe. Some weeks ago, Al Jazeera did a short report on Malaysia and the increasing marginalisation (People and Power series, unfortunately I can’t remember the date) and they showed excerpts from tv coverage of May 13th riots. It was a shock to D and myself cos we have NEVER seen that kind of footage. Are we the only ones? We barely see pix or things like that. I guess they like to “move forward” and “forget the past”. hehe

So the long silence from the Agong has allegedly been broken. A statement was read out by one of the Palace officials and I quote:

“Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin has expressed displeasure over claims that he and the Palace approved and supported Saturday’s illegal rally in the city.

The King also regretted the gathering that was organised by the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih) and supported by opposition parties.

Tuanku Mizan stressed that he and Istana Negara had at no time approved or given any support – directly or indirectly – to any quarters which organised or were involved in the illegal assembly or any other activities that contravened the law. “

The conspiracy theorists are having a field day! Whether it’s among the political commentators (btw RPK sir, could you please add a RSS feed to your blog?!), the readers/commentators of those blogs etc, it’s a buzz. Rocky;s Bru summed it up nicely. If he was so against it, I should imagine he’d appear in public before the event (plenty of time and warning given kan?) and sound off against it. He wouldn’t have accepted the petition etc etc. So a statement is read by an official. Hmmm. I remain cynical and with a dose of skepticism. I understand the Agong has to proceed carefully, we wouldn’t want a major constitutional crisis or a breakdown also lah. He’s a constitutional monarch (and a rotational one at that) and he has to choose his language carefully and thoughtfully. Well, it’s going to be interesting!

This year should be interested indeed and next year! Will PM call elections, won’t he? Would he raise fuel and toll prices? New fuel scheme which would prob hit the middle class much harder than the poor or the rich?

I dunno why there has to be a headline like “First bumi-owned facility” for the shipyard in Teregganu. What’s it trying to tacitly say? NEP still needed cos we don’t own everything yet? Sigh. Beijing University now has a Malay Chair (no,no, not furniture, the academic chair). and what Prof Awang said was “regarded it as an honour for Malays, their language and civilisation”. Eh? It sounds so colonising and sounds so …. Funny LOL all hail the conquering hero!!! Is it the first Malay Chair for virtue of being the first Malay fler to get on the chair? There’s been a Malay Language centre in ’61 and a Malay Studies centre in 2005. So who was the head honcho there before then? I really must stop being so cynical and skeptical!

Oklah, enough already. On the up side, today is the kids school concert. usually an amusing time 🙂 I wonder how I will survive the school hols, I’ve lined up some playdates, some activities in mind, including one page of a work book, following by art/craft activity of their choice. Let’s see how long I can tahan. At least the parents are around for a week and we are going to penang too later on. One of my fav things the other day was to take a walk with the kids with my dad, looking around at their surroundings, plants, flowers, insects. Something that reminds me of when I was a kid. I really think that childhood memories would be made up of these kind of things. Not academic kiasuism.

Ok, time to get on with the biz of the day! Have a great weekend y’all!


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