And the sandiwara (drama) heats up! Or not.. Shall we just whinge instead?

I was going to post more on last night’s interview, the headlines etc but friends, I malas (lazy) already! It’s too taxing on this sleepy, overtired mum, especially today hehe.

Hokay, whats my whinge of the day?

After much searching, I finally found the HRDF (Human Resources Development Fund) website here. Now from what I can understand from this site (and admittedly I’m running on lower “fuel cells” today), only certain industries can apply for this fund to train their employees etc. I couldn’t find anything that suggests that small biz/partnerships etc can apply for this fund in order to “upgrade” the quality of their staff (ok, admittedly it’s only D and myself LOL). Botheration if that’s the case.

D’s interested in animation etc courses but no one (as yet) has got anything that’s part time. It’s all full time and in many places, you have to do their foundation course for a year! Aiyooooo.. Life Long learning campaign my *$%(% (ok, I’m cynical today k?). Anything online is usually WAY too expensive. It’s not like elsewhere where you can pick and choose what modules you want, short term evening classes etc. why not?! HAH! not everyone wants to do an MBA only k? hurmph. Any suggestions from anyone? (for the 2 people who prob read this blog haha)

Ok rant over for now. Today’s the last day of school before the looooooooong hols.. oh lordy.. LOL


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