GRRRRRRR…Geram/jelak today..

EDITED:  Btw BigPumpkin mentioned to me that she was more ashamed of how they wouldn’t let them conduct the rally etc, now I understand! It wasn’t clear to me in that post and I happily stand corrected! She herself has experienced govt idiocy and stuff 🙂 I stand corrected and I apologise 🙂 

Reading the papers today.

Pak Lah’s opinion

DPM’s opinion

Just cheeses me off. Is it a case of “mine is bigger than yours”? They’ve belittled the opinion of concerned citizens, dismissing it as opposition attempts at salvaging votes. What racial card was played that day, huh, mr. DPM? There were folks there from ALL walks of life, irrespective of race/religion/political convictions. I’m not a member of any opposition party, I don’t always share their political views either but I’m MALAYSIAN. I have concerns about how things are going down here, where our tax money is going, the obvious corruption and yet nothing is being done about it. The patronising tone and idiotic remarks that come from our Parliament. The bailouts. The mega projects that don’t come through and we pay MORE compensation than the project is worth. The rising costs but stagnant wages. The increased segregation. The increasing supremacy talk of certain parties. The whole idea that despite being here for generations, we are pendatang asing and if you don’t like it, you could go back to your country. (err, I AM in my country, matey). No fields/areas to play in for our kids. Trees etc chopped down willy nilly. Billboards jungles. Historical buildings like Bok House or The Sg. Buloh Leprosy Settlement get torn down as and when the authorities like. Even getting a sound barrier to protect homes from the noise/pollution etc of a nearby road is such a tough thing to get.

Some POVs from those who were there.

View 1
View 2
View 3

To be honest, I’m not a raging political commentator, but I;m concerned. I worry about the future of my kids, yes, what they will pick up in govt school, I can’t afford college for them, I want them to have a happy healthy childhood but how can I when we have “haze” season where our govt just shrugs their shoulders and say what to do lah.. I’m concerned about how they can cope with National Service, with the people who seem to think we hav to Out-Islam the Arabs or b/c one. I don’t know.

For example, this.

This letter and what BigPumpkin mentioned made me think. I guess people will have that view. 

To the person who wrote the letter, yes, it was inconvenient but was it spread that the roads were closed by the police for a far greater net than the roads expected for the rally to go by? (ok that English is so cacat lol), did you think the rally would happen and take steps to get around it. LRT trains were not allowed to stop at the usual stations, whatever means necessary to make sure less people hit the streets. 40, 000 people. Despite the “official” figures. Look at the pictures, look at the first hand accounts, the other news channels. I dunno. Yes it was inconvenient but imagine how cheesed off those people who went were. For once, Malaysians got off their usual apathetic arses and spoke up. It’s not just about the elections lah. It is concerned people who are worried about how things are going in the country. PM and his cronies may say folks have avenues to speak up etc. How can they? Any criticism or comments reg: the Islamic state thing was not allowed to be printed in the newspapers etc. Not even by the component parties. How can like that? What avenue is there? Where can complaints go?

It just makes me mad I guess. (no, not so much the views of the above, the other stuff hehehe). I dunno. It’s monday morning, kids got up early, I;m prob cranky and tired and it’s almost the end of the school hols and I’m just pissy at what was said this morning. Like 40, 000 people’s view doesn’t matter. Whether or not NGOs or opposition parties were involved, do those opinions count? Or even within their own parties,do opposing views matter? Where in Parliament “toe the party line” is way more important than “what’s best for the people”. It really does seem like what 50 years of independence (or technically less) had achieved is unravelling.

Ballot boxes will be the next round definitely. The V for Vendetta line is very apt (not advocating any violent demos or that sort of thinglah). “Govts should be afraid of the people, not people afraid of the govt” (i’m paraphrasing badly here). What does it say about us, as we were the ones who allegedly voted them in? Apathy and tidak apa attitude are too common. Civic consciousness, HAH! Malaysians who are overseas and aren’t allowed to vote or register to vote? (non students and non civil servants I mean). Are they not still Malaysians?

And yes, there’s prob heaps of typos etc but this is one of the longest rants I’ve done. Now I’ve got to get back to work and sorting 🙂

Malaysia is for all Malaysians, no matter what the heritage.


4 thoughts on “GRRRRRRR…Geram/jelak today..

  1. Just to make myself clear, I was so disappointed that day because I felt that a rally like that SHOULD have been allowed to go on and opposed the fact that the FRU/police etc had to spray tear gas etc on all the people who were only trying to SAY SOMETHING. Also, I detested the fact that it was all played down in the local media when really, we can all see it for what it was!

    I’m not sure what you thought I thought, but it had nothing to do with the jam, which of course, annoyed me. But it was really sadness that it was typical of XXX to cover up and shut us up.

  2. ah ok. It just came across that you were ashamed of being Malaysian cos of the rally, didnt come across clear enough. Sorry, dear. I guess also reading all the news today and letter in the papers about the jam and how stupid it all was blah blah blah. so the geram.

    yup, definitely true. It is like our opinions of concerned citizens mean diddly squat.

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