So what’s the official spin and other news items on BERSIH rally?

The Star (online) had this and this

NST had this.

As usual, playing the blame game lah. The spin? well, the road closures etc had a higher news priority than the actual rally. No mention of WHY the rally was held, WHO started spraying the water cannons as people were just WALKING, no mention of the NUMBERS. Typical. Reality indeed. Apparently it was the demonstrators’ fault that the roads were closed (or at least portrayed that way) but it was the overexcited police (by whose orders I wonder). Hmmm..

DPM said this (along with Information Fella within same article). I found it ironic that the Penang CM said this. HAHHAHAHA how ironic. the BERSIH rally was a PRIME example of how Malaysians worked together. Oh, the polls are going to be an interesting one. I wonder when it is going to be, early next year (before they can hike up more prices I’m assuming).

No mention of PM’s view as yet (mebbe he was taking a nap).Looking forward to seeing more pix of the rally. Hope everyone didn’t get sick but you guys were just awesome! 🙂

Other news links:


BERSIH official blog




NY Times

What is amazing is that the Agong (Daulat Tuanku) himself instructed guards to step aside and let them present their petition. It is rumoured that one of the regiments under his command also were at the ready to protect the demonstrators. Not sure how true that is, but I guess the ordinary rakyat would be pleased that the royalty at least were willing to hear their grievances.

What’s next I wonder? I really am curious.


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