BERSIH rally was a success!

And what is the BERSIH rally?

check Screenshots

Malaysia Today

Elizabeth Wong

Rocky’s Bru

I bet there will be more news as things go on. Watched the NTV7 version and the AlJazeera version.What a DIFFERENCE! NST and thestar online had the “oh by the way” style headlines. the last NST update I could see was 1:30pm whereas the star’s version, you had to click on the nation news and it was a hidden headline. Oh how to toe the line 😀

Today was a day I was proud to be Malaysian! I wish I could have been there to see the throngs of yellow in solidarity with each other. a True Malaysian rainbow 🙂 (bukan saja Truly Asia yah?) All walks of life, colour, faith, expressing their concern with the state of the country today, with fair and free elections our hope, with corruption truly stomped on, a check and balance system really in place, a real future for us, our children. how Malaysia should really be, as it once was.

Before I wax lyrical and get all sentimental etc etc, just a note. How proud I am to be Malaysian and how the peaceful demonstration went through. 40,000. Hot Canai! 🙂


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