Help my friend find her biological parents!

my friend Kak S is searching for her biological parents.

That article was published after a chinese fren took me to Sin Chew Jit Poh in 1994!! I was adopted by a Malay family way back in 1961 (in Singapore) – who later gave me to another malay couple who re-registered me in Malaysia in 1962. Last weekend, during Raya break, I visited my first adopted father (Maskam) and was told that I come from Hainanese (well, he said Hailam) origin. Yesterday Imade a phone call to Singapore Hainan Society (they are active in Chinese Opera), but they said that there’s little they can do to help me trace my biological parents because i don’t know my surname 😦 And, if anyone of you can give me any lead to
searching my biological parents and/or my brother, please please do so….

These are sketchy details I know. But here’s the article (sorry, can’t provide a proper translation, help, someone else?).

if you CAN help, or know someone who can, you can email: (only legit please). Fwd this link onwards if you can help spread the word, thanks! Oh btw, the phone number in the article is no longer valid, just stick to email lor!

Sin Chew Jit Poh article


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