A little announcement!

(no I’m NOT pregnant LOL)

I’m happy to announce that Don is doing GI Joe comics packs for their 25th Anniversary Edition toys (they are bundled together)!!!! Its a
full comic but I can’t tell you just yet which issues he’ll be doing but this is an exciting bit of news for us!

A little press release/info as it were.

(does a happy dance!) My brother and I still have my old GI Joe toys (always useful reference hehe). YAY!

On other related news:

Malaysian 24 Hour Comics Day

Click here 4 more info

The weekend of October 20 & 21, 2007 will see history being created in the Malaysian comics scene for it marks Malaysia’s entry into the international comics celebration that is the 24 Hour Comics Day.

Join Now!

In conjunction with the recent 50th Merdeka celebrations, 50 Malaysian cartoonists and comics artists will push themselves to the limit and take up the 24 Hour Comics challenge – creating a 24 page comics story in 24 straight hours! That’s months of work crammed into a single day!!!

Join Now!

Impossible? Well, come check out this incredible event for yourself, bring your sleeping bags, pillows & blankets and support these brave (and perhaps insane!) group of 50 cartoonists and comics artists.

Join Now!

As at 1 October 2007, 30+ artists have already signed up! Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!


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