Headlines for today..

Ok I haven’t done this in a while, I havent read the newspapers for a while haha Terrible hor?

but this caught my eye: Special Olympics Athletes spurned by local sponsors.I mean, c’monlah. The youth and sports ministry claims that they have no funds! Well, according to the AG’s report, they did squander a lot and for a mere fraction of the money they are determined to use for that useless sports centre in the UK, they could have sponsored these guys. And these guys got into the special olympics on merit! Thats not an easy achievement you know. It took royal brunei airlines to come up with half the airfare sponsorship for these guys, and they have to RENT batik baju to march into the stadium and for the closing ceremony. This is ridiculouslah! They are representing Malaysia in the Olympics (whether special or not ok?) and they have to do that. This is just not right!!!!!

This also kinda pisses me off: poor Nurin who was killed, was buried Friday and her family has suffered so much and yet the IGP (and to a less degree the relevant Ministry) is pondering prosecuting the parents for negligence!? Yes, it may not have been the safest/wisest thing to do to let her go down to the pasar malam on her own, but you know, I think her parents have been through soooo much already and I bet they regret that and feel guilty for it.Our PM is “very angry” etc and yet, thats all they want to say? Go after the parents? Oh, wait, he’s saying this: RT in all housing areas.

And to learn that the police don’t have a missing persons division? Or it doesn’t come across like they do? And Zam whines that DAP always seems to be “harping” that the police etc are ineffectual. Right. Rather than whining, matey, why don’t you DO SOMETHING? The best way to rebuff opposition criticism (thank goodness someone is doing so) is to show the EFFECTIVENESS or how hard the police are working?

How can setting up child care centres improve things for these increasing number of crimes? I don’t get it. Someone has to explain it to me, perhaps cos I’m a bit blur. Wouldn’t it be better if you can do something to ensure there’s a parent at home, rather than sending them to daycare? Again, it seems to be blaming single mums for the rising crime rate? I don’t know, I could just be sensitive, but it just reads a bit odd. Again, I could be just blur lah.

I think this is important: Learn to Plan Finances.With the rising costs of everything, it’s hard to survive, let alone plan for retirement or kids education. Susah wei. And toll here, toll there and now congestion charges proposed for KL. So if you have a good public transport system, sure less cars on the road, and wait, better town planning! Oh wait. That would mean we were living in Singapore, not in Malaysia. (oh, I’m bitchy this morning lol). Sigh.

Oh, if this woman was an illegal maid, why was she trying to escape Malaysian RELIGIOUS authorities? Until they chase her to her death. Hmmm… She was living with her indon husband, but didn’t have “valid” documents. Why are the religious authorities hunting them? Not the immigration guys? (not that I;m advocating hunting down in any case?) I wonder. sigh.

And the whole lingam/judiciary scandel video? Definitely nothing will be done lah. Not even any denial from the parties involved, nothing. the AG even says there’s no “criminal” intent etc. But Namawee, let’s hound him to death! Is it no wonder folks have lost faith in the government, in your term in office, Mr. PM? Get to the bottom of this, indeed. And I quote:

Abdullah said that based on the content of the video clip and transcript that was sent to his office, only a single person’s conversation could be heard despite claims that the lawyer was talking to a senior judge. “Can we believe or accept this?” he said. He added that if investigations revealed that the claims were false, action would be taken against those who were trying to undermine the judiciary. The prime minister said the video recording would invoke public anger and hatred towards the judiciary. He said at this juncture, the question of setting up a Commission of Inquiry did not arise as the allegations in the video clip had yet to be proven as authentic.

Right. So he’s more upset about the video coming out than any of the allegations in there? Or no need to revamp the judiciary (and not to syariah law for all thank you very much)? Again, ineffective bleating from a sleepy PM.

EEEhhhhhh.. more headlines: Archives. Too malas to rant now LOL


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