where art thou? (ok that’s just BAD Shakespearean English lol). I’ve been going to bed later and later it would seem, either through work or kids or something and still get up dang early with the kids. Either I’m getting used to it and the perpetual sleepiness would be something I’d have to struggle with… or… I just need a marathon sleep run (hahahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha). Sorry, moment of skepticism there. hehe

Happy Monday, y’all. Budget on Friday. Alternative Budgets from opposition parties are coming soon. Wonder if they will get any coverage. Now that would be interesting. Have to see what Mr. Ooi etc have to say.

Wonder if the PM can stay awake while trying to deliver the Budget ’08 and whether anyone else would try and yell ‘Merdeka” 7 times. 🙂 Wish 16 Sept was also a hols, it was the formal beginnings of Malaysia after all 🙂


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