Merdeka day parades.

the Cuddly Family watched a very impressive display of fireworks (about half hour) from our master bedroom windows (kids woke up at the first boom around midnight) and watching their faces lit up with such joy and delight is really something special. Js were like “woaahh” and “wow!” K was like “Wow! Look at that!” and would excitedly keep pointing at the sky. These are such precious moments.

Ok, sappy moment aside. hehe This morning, we were watching the Merdeka day parade on TV,a kind of tradition in the household (for either side). The Js are excited cos they love watching parades, they’ve also been learning about Malaysia and the flag, national symbols (the keris doesn’t count matey) so they will excitedly look for these things amongst the parade. They have assembly on mondays where they sing the national anthem. They puff up with such pride when they tried to sing along with the national anthem being played. This also is a precious moment for me, cos I felt (and still feel) the same way when it comes to my country, anthem etc. Oops another sappy moment slipped in there!

Anyways, while enjoying this peaceful moment with the kids at breakfast while waiting for parade to commence, I was barely paying attention to the commentator as he yabbered on  about the various dignitaries arriving from the various countries, Prince Andrew included! Then he said something after one of the Caucasian dignitaries (not sure in what context) was shaking hands and he said something that “something..something orang yang kulit lebih cerah daripada kami” (roughly translated to something like “people whose skin is brighter than ours”). I was like huh? huh? Not sure what context but apalah must mention lah… (major eye rolling moment).

Can someone explain to me why KJ has given the honour of re-enacting the flag raising etc etc? (sorry Marina, I couldn’t find it on the star, I had to curi from u) Is it symbolic? Do “they” see him as like future PM material (Heaven help us all then)? oh man, I won’t be able to stomach seeing that arrogant man handle something so important etc! UGH

and this debacle in Parliament was another thing. how inept, and stupid and childish!!!  Uncle Kit posted more on this on his blog but MAN, I can understand how they were POed. How rude, uncouth, nasty, childish! (oh wait, what was I thinking?! It’s our MPs after all). How can you yell that they are traitors? What a farcical attempt. But they are unchecked, arrogant now. Even the Speaker of the house (allegedly the neutral position) is so obviously biased. Sigh. Is this the “best” of who we’ve voted in? What does it say about our citizens when we vote em in? (phantom voters etc aside).

One day maybe this will be true. I’d like to think we are all Malaysian, but if we still maintain racial politics, then that’s a tough battle ahead. Seeing the headlines today and all the spiel they are trying to spinning just makes me gag. I used to look forward to the Merdeka day, parades etc but this year, our 50th, is just been spoilt and tinged with such damned nasty rhetoric.

Ok, enough with the vitriol and  ranting 🙂 It’s time for me to enjoy my Merdeka day with folks who know the score, who are important and to me are the real future.

Happy Merdeka, all!


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