Please don’t call me a super-mum..

Folks call me a super mum sometimes but I really don’t think I am. IF I was a supermum, I would be running my own successful biz, have a bunch of supremely well behaved, intelligent, socially well adjusted kids, my house will be neat, clean and super well organised. I’d be slim, attractive and find time to exercise amidst the well ordered routine of my life. Any little bump thrown my way, I’ll sort it out with a wave of a well manicured hand.

Reality check people. How many folks really have that? My kids are pretty ok, they are mostly polite, they do TRY to help with the chores etc and most of all they are bright, lovable and happy. check that. Slim? No. Rather be fit and healthy, the idea of “perfect weight” is in the eye of the beholder 🙂 Working up towards the fit and healthy part again!

Successful home biz? we are just starting out, amid the chaos. Clean, neat and super well organised home? Err.. not as well as it should be, the toys are a messy pile right now. I admit it, I’m crap at being a “housewife” in the traditional sense of the world. I hate cleaning, ironing. I’m cool with the laundry and all that. But my helper has been unavailable for a week, other than the occasional hoovering and perfunctory cleaning of bathroom, I’ve let things slide.  What a wuss. So you can imagine that well manicured hands are so not possible hehe I haven’t even washed the car for TWO weeks, urgh.

The kids had their first sleepover/playdate this weekend, thanks to A and A 🙂 I tell you, it was weird at first being kidless, particularly in the evening! D and I went out with friends for dins and the customary sitting around with tea/coffee and yakking (or talking “cock” as locals would have it). We spent Sat at the Merdeka Community Fair helping out Min and the comic guys. Whew that was tiring! On sunday, we got up late (now THAT is the ultimate luxury), had breakfast (went to some timsum place in SS2, BLECH, wasn’t a good one). Persuaded d to try massage (he’s never had one!), went to this place in the Curve(been there before, quite nice, price ok) and had a couples massage. I almost went to sleeeeep LOL D enjoyed it despite the occasional ticklish moments! Picked the kids up after lunch, Js insisted they wanted to go bowling with S ko-ko and A and A said they could drop them off later. So we took k back (he fell asleep in the car!), dropped by N and S’s for their farewell makan (very short visit, k was a right cranky git), picked up some milk and went home. Js came back later. They were tired but had such a fab time, acc to A, they had been very well behaved, polite and lovely boys. All is good 🙂

anyways, kids are back in school, going to have to get back into the swing of things and catch up with my work. But please, don’t call me super-mum!  I’m not sure I want to be either hehehe.


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