The things we do.. and the things politicians do..

Yesterday’s story of interest (can’t be bothered to dig up the others) is this. the call for islamic law. Right. Now, Im not saying there shouldn’t be islamic law for muslims etc, but for everybody? I quote:

The call by Chief Justice Tun Ahmad Fairuz Abdul Halim for the abolition of the common law system and favouring its replacement by Islamic law system is most unbecoming of the highest judicial officer of the land sworn to defend and uphold the Constitution and the Merdeka social contract.

Dang right, Uncle Kit! (like I know him but .. lol) Each day I read both the Star and the “alternative” media and think.. what on earth is our govt doing?? What idiocies/scandals/overexcitedness/ denials is going to happen next? More tragedies? I really, really hope that no one takes this guy’s call seriously. And yet, today’s papers two guys (one Minister in the PM’s Dept (and what the hell does that all mean anyway “minister in a dept”) and an AG) supported this call for change to syariah law. Wait.. eye rolling moment… Perhaps the laws (certain) need an update or a kick up the pants but switching completely… Let’s really hope they all behave sensibly and ignore this fella.. (wait, who am I kidding? Since when have they behaved “sensibly”) hehehhee.

On a similar (ish) note, I used to hum Negaraku and the Penang state anthem to my kids (and it used to calm them and put them to sleep). Yes, I know I’m odd! Does anyone have the lyrics to this stuff? I sudah lupa wei! Terrible hor. So Im going to search for the lyrics! (no, not the Negarakuku ones hehe). Keris waving bunch of.. anyways..

I’ve been looking after a baby since last week, during weekdays and “office” hours for my friends L and hubby A. He has the same name as my boy, fully breastfed *YAY* and he’s now adjusting to how a babysitter will layan him. Thankfully we managed to train him to take the bottle as well and to get used to amusing himself in the playpen and lay there and try and sleep on his own. Whew! For his parents sake, I hope this “training” helps when he starts in the new nursery on monday. 🙂 It’s weird having a baby in the house (without accompanying parent I mean lol). Been interesting!

Now this is a very lovely post in a young Malaysian’s blog. If my kids can feel something similar, I’ll have done a good job as a Malaysian mum. (not sure about all the travelling part but the sense of pride anyway).  I curi from Jeff Ooi’s blog 🙂

the kids are at a playdate today and baby is asleep, such blissssssful quiet.  And tomorrow. Tomorrow is the merdeka fair and the Subang Run on sunday, Oh lordy! LOL I havent been exercising as much as I used to, been so hectic! sigh. Once back at school, time to get back into it! Esp the walking 🙂 I’ve got the terry fox run in NOv to get fit for! hehe Must try and run the distance for that!

Ok time to get back to work since baby has fallen asleep!


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