Ahh.. bureaucracy. 🙂 I read Amir Mohammed‘s blog on how he set up his company. He kindly provided a link to the Company registration type people so i decided to browse on over yday. D and I planned to set up a partnership anyhow, talked to a couple of folks who said they can set it up for you but it’s going to cost $$$ and unless I use “backdoor” way (read more $$$), then very hardlah… and d and I would have had to lug the kids ALLLLLL the way and hang about there.. URGH.. Then I noticed a little icon that says “e-lodgement”. So I thought hmmm.. so I took a good look around (not the easiest of places if you aren’t web savvy enough) and discovered you can submit your biz application online! starting with name approval. So I did that (you had to sign up for the govt portal and the SSM folks portal but ok lor). Got the name approved the following day. So far, so good.

The only headache was the actual biz registeration form. It was really tedious and I had many trials and errors to go thru. In the end, I called up the hotline which one lady said to me ” you must be doing something wrong!” I said yeah I know Im doing something wrong, thats why I called YOU! after that frustrating call, I went back to it. the system crashed. I thought great. So I tried again in the evening (after a 2nd call to the hotline where she gave me a tech guys direct line and he was very helpful!), lo and behold, it went pretty well and now we are process pending! 🙂 big big sigh of relief right there hehe.

no need to go thru agent and bayar $$$ (well ok you had to pay licence fees lah, but saved us quite a pretty penny and less headache too). Let’s wait and see.


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