50 years, 50 years..

(or slightly less if u count East Malaysia’s entry, I really think we should have two holidays, one for the formation of MALAYSIA and one for independence for the british).

What have we got to show for it? Well, I suspect we would have more, but it seems to be fast unravelling. All the beating on chest for the UMNO putras, the faint bleats of the component parties. Even the Merdeka celebration is political centric, to the point even the Sultan of Selangor has to say something. Usually the royalty don’t seem to say much in terms of politics etc, but first the Raja Muda of Perak  and now the Sultan of Selangor are commenting regularly now. What gives? Does it take these guys to keep hounding the UmnoPutra centric govt to get their heads screwed back on? I dunno.

Every day I read what SIL, Cousin and No:2 have to say, and I think.. ugh.. Then I hear what the PM says and think.. ok that’s nothing at all?! What gives, fellas? You’re descended from a turkish woman, so also pendatang asing? hehehe

It’s been a week, man! and it’s only just started. Sigh.. Hope springs eternal.


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