children’s parties..

The Js had their party picnic this morning, was fun! the weather wasn’t too bad, the kids played with kites, blew bubbles, splashed about in the stream, played in the playground, all round good wholesome fun! That’s the nice thing about this park, lots for kids to do 🙂 Pictures will be forthcoming, I think don will handle that, not sure when, he’s got a sore throat now 😦

To top it off, theres ANOTHER party tonight lol one of their classmates also having a party tonight, they were supposed to rest/nap so they could make it, we let k sleep a long while so he could come. Thanks to all who came to ours, we had a blast 🙂 blimey, kids parties are tiring! hehehehehhee


One thought on “children’s parties..

  1. Hi – glad you had a blast. I was thinking of you all morning wishing we were there with you instead of collecting cakes and attending adult family parties. We were out from 9.30 to 4, then 6 to 11 *yawn* Poor Tee missed out on the fun 😦 At least she had 2 cousins from the night party to play with (4 yrs & 9 yrs, both boys).

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