Frustration in potty training a toddler.

It hadn’t helped that we’ve not had great nights sleep, so I’m quite the Monster Mummy lately. going back to the gym yday has helped, back to exercise! I hurt my back a little while ago, so had to chill on the exercise till back to normal oh I’ve missed it! anyways..

K may be a bit over 2 but he thinks he’s 5, he WANTS to wear undies, he hates the feeling of being wet/soiled. yet lately he will resist. anyways, we keep trying. He will ask to go (usually will talk to u or you’re right in the middle of something!). But nothing for some time (he has done before, in school etc). Anyways, today, for the last hour plus, we’ve gone for potty to toilet, potty to toilet repeatedly. It was frustrating, annnoying, and not to mention I was ready to either yell at him, tear my hair or do both!

He would do the “I need to go” dance with a look of panic on his face “MUMMY!!!!!!! I want do wee! I want do wee!” and we’d go to potty (he isn’t so keen on that I think), then he’d change his mind. Fine, get dressed again. Then we go thru that again, this time he would ask for toilet. Same thing, tiada (nothing), get dressed. After this rigmarole for the last hour plus, I got fed up and let him go naked. HAHA Im a lazy mum lah. after one last time, I said fine! do what u want. he asked to shower. I said ok. got the shower on etc, he did the toilet dance again (complete with flapping arms and all), so I said ok, go.. again nothing, said he’s finished. Then another dance, another sit on the toilet. he asked to hold his bucket so I said ok. I thought I’d let the shower run to see if it “encourages” him to go. He did it! he was worried at first (cos he can’t quite aim right and he’s not sure how to hold his penis  down to point downwards) cos there was spillage but for the most part it went in. cheered for him (in my heart I thought it WAS ABOUT BLOODY TIME MATEY!), he beamed. Helped me wash water over the toilet. and he’s happily playing now in the shower. I was like can we so not do this.. I know it’s going to take time but man!

I need a nap LOL Let’s see how the rest of the day goes, he still wears pull ups when we are out and at night. I dont know if hes confused LOL .. I know I am! oh well!


One thought on “Frustration in potty training a toddler.

  1. Hi Lia! haaa…tu lah, nak anak lagi???!!! Sorry have not been in touch, I lost yr number when my hp got stolen! It’s shazmin here lah. I’m having the same toiletting issues with Milo right now – in fact he had the WORST poopie accident this morning at Bangsar Village 1, I had to buy him a whole new outfit, his back and legs were PLASTERED with it! Lucky they have such a nice kiddie changing room upstairs…
    I don’t blog on wordpress, but if you care to check it out, i’m at
    take care!

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