What is your wish after 50 years of independence?

I won’t be blogging so much this week, got some work to kau tim 🙂

EDIT: This is what I posted as my wish:

my wish? I have a few.

I wish:
(a) Malaysians will just be identified as Malaysians.
(b) Our heritage buildings etc will be preserved and used as part of our landscape rather than just Building Terbesar, or cold uninspiring skyscrapers or shopping malls.
(c) The ruling coalition would be made up of just one kind: a party where a bunch of Malaysians who cared. Not race based politics
(d) When someone says corruption will be kau tim, they will actually DO something or if they admit anything, they will resign. Like a certain one eyed MP
(d) more fwd thinking poliiticians who will utilise the tools that are open to all. Youtube, flickr, blogging. just like OTHER politicians around the world do.
(e) an education system based on meritocracy and creativity and thought, not spoon feeding.
(f) more chances for parents to be at home with their kids and earn an income, flexitime, telecommuting etc.
(g) Malaysians can VOTE wherever they are in the world, EVERYONE!



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