Skimming the papers today

The big news in the star was that the cabinent had decided that no ministers, deputy ministers etc etc can be in sports bodies. In a way, that’s good, they have had problems with politicians making a mess of things but what about those who have a genuine interest in that sport? Now what interested me was the headline “We do not want ministers to be scapegoats”. It just comes across as if to say, no ministers can be liable for their failure in anything. There’s no check and balance, no sense of responsibility for actions taken or not taken. Sports is just one facet. What about if they fail in their job as ministers, then what? Not just ministers, but as MPs.

Reading the comments in this article on Screenshots made me very sad. They don’t want to register to vote cos they don’t think they will make a difference and they think if the ruling coalition (is it really one?) don’t get in, chaos will ensue and they and their families will be in jeopardy. I guess that’s what has been drummed into them. You have  been lucky enough to have a voting chance, use it! If you don’t try, nothing will ever change. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Sitting on the fence shouldn’t be an option anymore. And it’s true, there has to be something done about not letting Malaysians overseas vote.

VOTE FOLKS, if you want to make a difference, in whatever small way you can, then register/vote.


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