Religion is a sensitive issue and thinking back to when I was a teen.

Through another blog, I saw this one. She’s 14 years old, but this particular post about not so much regret that her friend passed on but more like he didnt accept Christianity (he was buddhist), it sounds like she dissing the guy for his choice not to be christian, even if his friends were. No point to me being in that religion if u don’t believe in it. But hey Im 34 and she’s 14. LOL It just came off.. wrong. Always thought the faith preaches acceptance. Hmmm.

It reminded me of my relatives who pushed and pushed for my grandma (among others) on their deathbeds to convert to christianity (nemind they’ve been buddhist ALL their lives). It made my 17year old self angry, here we were at the last moments with my beloved grandma, and they kept pushing in to try and convert her. Talk about offputting. It should be a personal choice (they said she wont be in heaven otherwise if she didnt accept God before she dies). If I was the person now  back then, I would have told them “Look, could you BACK OFF?! We are trying to have our last moments with my grandmother.” My grandmother lived life with kindheartedness, a lot of love, caring and charity and being a dang good cook 😀 . Isn’t that what should get you into heaven (if there is one)? Rather than you profess the faith, but do nothing of those things. Seems kinda wrong to me. These are things I thought, while crying for my grandmother, seeing my dad’s face trying to be strong  but I didn’t say anything, one of my regrets perhaps. I guess  it’s partly cos asian kids wouldn’t. My dad wouldnt (being that he was a bit preoccupied at the time). Mum didnt either. Perhaps that’s one of their regrets. Who’s to say?

Roughly on that note, LH has asked me repeatedly what I would tell my 16 year old self, so I’d do things differently. To be honest, I’d have no idea.  I’ve thought and thought about it. Despite what my PARENTS would think LOL, other than be less worried about what others think, do your own thing if you really believe in it,  everything that’s h appened to me (for better or worse) has made me the way I am. I would have told my university days self “girl, that man is SO bad for you!!” hehe. But you have to go through the bastard phase lah. unfortunately. I wonder what it would be like when my kids reach dating age (d has a higher age bracket for that, mine a bit lower haha). Interesting..

heavy stuff for this time of the day perhaps LOL ok time to rescue k from the clutches of.. something or another. He’s happily playing in the small plastic tub, I suspect the rest of the bathroom is drowned in water now. LOL Ahh, for the simple life of being a kid.

later days!


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