Counting to 10.

Does it work? J1’s been doing his naughty boy act again, sigh. The things he gets up to I tell you. When he should technically know it’s wrong. did I not teach them this enough? it’s not helping that I’m not sleeping great, my back is however improving but there’s a lot on my mind etc. So I’m snappy, my patience isn’t what it used to be. I’m trying hard not to do all that, take a deep breath and count to 10 and then explain things calmly to him. It’s supposed to be more effective. I dunno. I dunno what works anymore, especially today.  I’m just feeling blech I guess and overtired. With my back pains, I have had no chance to exercise, and it’s been harder dealing with the kids, esp k’s potty training sigh. I know persistence and consistency is the key but it’s.. so slow going. URGH. One kid I know who’s 3 months younger than k is already potty trained, daytime. He’s definitely more biddable that one, unlike my k who has a mind of his own and isn’t afraid to tell it to you! lol I guess it’s a trade off, I do find his independent streak useful, not always his wilfulness but he’s not a fraidy cat and is rarely afraid of new experiences or places. He’ll go somewhere new, look around and then ZOOM 🙂 off he goes to explore. He wants to feed himself and do most of what his brothers want to do. so I guess that’s good LOL most of the time anyway hehe

Ah, the trials and joys of being a parent, particularly a SAHM. I need a break LOL


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