This morning..

ahh blissful, rainy weather (not great for laundry but great!). Couldnt go for a walk today either. K did a poo in the toilet! he asked to go to the loo this morning, sat there yabbering away with his barney book, talking to his brother, then me, and then he had this look on his face. he looked a bit concerned and said mummy I do poo! I reassured him, said thats good! do poo in toilet! (why is it that your english goes to pot when you speak to a toddler?!). So he did it and then we all cheered, daddy, brothers! so he was beaming. We cleaned him up, he washed his hands. Teacher A told me today when I dropped them off that last friday he actually did a wee in the toilet so YAY! 🙂 No more pullups in the daytime I think, I have to keep taking him on the hour/1.5hours so he will go. He does seem to prefer the big toilet as opposed to the potty but its good to have the potty as an emergency. but this is a GREAT start to potty training 🙂 Finally, some breakthrough!!! Have to keep going. I admit Im lazy, esp if we do go out but after a while, got to bite the bullet!

Ok, enough of the parental excitement LOL

So I had a chance to skim the papers this morning. Quite the exciting morning with a grisly find at an upscale condo, hostage situations, among the other things.

What headlines that grabbed me today?

Najib: Don’t demand (Barison only allocates seats after consultations, says DPM).

Barisan allocates or Umno decides?I kinda think that its only fair that the number of seats are spread equally within the COALITION. Isn’t a coalition supposed to mean that a bunch of folks working together? Hmm. 

Umno: adopts ‘4M’ approach for election.

Ahh. the slogans are out now!

Merapatkan barisan (close ra-nks);

· Meramaikan ahli dan pengundi (get more members and voters);

· Mesra rakyat (be people-friendly); and

· Menyelesaikan masalah rakyat (solve the people’s problems).

 Right. Close ranks, ie don’t publicly disagree with anything. Vote with your conscience means nadda to these guys I guess. People friendly and solve the people’s problems. Hmm. I find it interesting that Mr. DPM is doing all the announcing, coining these phrases etc. Mana Pak Lah? 

Umno and Malay agenda.

Im going to reproduce the article here cos it’s so short. 

SHAH ALAM: Will Umno remain relevant and continue to flourish without a Malay agenda for the party to propagate? 

This was the question posed by Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman in his address at the Kota Raja Umno Division delegates meeting here yesterday. 

He said the Malay community still depended on Umno to fight for its rights as well as to propagate Malay agenda-based policies. 

One of the areas that needed to be strengthened was the promulgation of Bahasa Malaysia as the medium of instruction in institutions of higher education, added Abdul Ghani. 

 hmmmm…. Race-based politics. How long for? What I don’t understand. Umno must fight for Malay rights. Err, arent their rights already pretty entrenched? It’s not like they are a strugging minority right? They always talk about the Malay struggle, the ‘us vs. them’ rhetoric. Not sure if that will help the country any. I don’t deny that help will be needed, for those among the low income/poor, regardless of race/religion/background. 

No appeal against boy’s explusion.

the Strangling Student’s explusion is not going to be appealed by the dad. But nowhere does it say (or the dad isn’t quoted as saying such) he was apologetic for what he did. He STRANGLED someone hello?!?!!  He’s more worried about his SPM later in the year, hopes he can continue schooling etc. First up, the kid was messing about, he got reprimanded and he tried to STRANGLE someone. The dad said that he was disappointed and angry that the school teacher decided to make a police report reg: his son. The school allegedly had made the promise not to make a police report for fear of tarnishing the school’s rep. HELLO!?!?!?!?! Makes you wonder how many cover ups there are huh? For the dad, he says his son is deeply traumatised by the incident. Well, what about the poor teacher who got strangled? There’s no regret, no remorse, nadda! UGH

Zam: Ignore ‘goblok bloggers’.

Apparently goblok means stupid in Indonesian. (why are we using Indonesian phrases now?). Zam said this:

MALACCA: The public should be wise in identifying the websites of goblok (Indonesian slang for “stupid”) bloggers, who are willing to be tools of others to destroy the nation, said Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin. 

“These writers do not have an Asian mentality but lean towards a Western thinking because they were educated overseas. 

“Thus they assume that the Western style of democratic freedom is better. The goblok writers only have their own interests at heart and should be ignored,” he said after launching the Jalur Gemilang Convoy 2007 at Bandar Hilir here yesterday. ”

Right. Cos all things Western are bad. Not all of us were educated overseas, Im sure bloggers are from all walks of life. sigh. Again, with dissing the blogger community. 

Put technology to good use, youths told.

Conversely, they tell folks to do this. Right. Use technology but dont be like those nasty westerners. Folks sure can get confused easily huh?

Now despite these headlines, the stories are more “feel good”, allocating money for retraining students, development of the northern region, blah blah blah.. can you tell it’s a pre election/election year?  more “good” stuff coming our way. Waiting for the Budget 07, now that would be interesting. So the PM opened mouth on sunday but today, tiada hor? the crimes stuff is getting shuffled further back into the newspaper. You wouldn’t think he was running the country, would you? Oh wait.. let me think again..

Well, well, it’s proving to be interesting!  More later!


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