Headlines of interest today..

Our newspaper got wet this morning, so resorting to the online version.so I’ve prob missed a few good headlines LOL

Watch your blogs, warns PM

Always with the “bloggers are the anti-peaceful society crowd”. Now the PM speaks huh? have a nice holiday, matey?

Abdullah: Amend Child Act plug loophole, AG Urged

Now refreshed from his holiday, Abdullah gets tough. Yeah. Tough! Cos they let the guy (all of a sudden) who killed his tuition teacher’s daughter go free. Right. 

Boy who attacked teacher expelled, but can appeal

 Oh yes, this guy apparently tried to STRANGLE his teacher when she reprimanded him and some friends who were messing about in the toilet in school (why the hell would anyone want to hang around in a Malaysian school toilet EWWW) and they taunted her, he tried to turn around to go back to the toilet and she grabbed his wrist, he turned around, went ballistic and tried to strangle her etc. I mean, he tried to strangle her,  sure he’s expelled  but he can APPEAL?! I mean hello! what kind of slap on the wrist is that? No respect for authority anymore 😦 

Blogger Ooi to join the DAP and contest polls

Yes, Mr. Jeff Ooi, well known blogger/commentator is joining one of our opposition parties. This should be interesting! 

Go Back to English Schools

Someone blurbed about how we should go back to english medium schools, makes us more globally competitive blah blah. Well, what’s to bet, someone’s going to say eh, brudder, puhlese lah.. Bahasa Malaysia is the way! And you’re not being “sensitive enough” and he will get shouted down or something. nemind he could actually MAKE SOME SENSE. 

Bloggers warned of the price to pay

Always, bloggers, bloggers, bloggers. Miscreants, unemployed women and “not socially responsible” bunch that we apparently are. Right. Sure. ALL of us the same is it? Maybe they’d like to try actually getting part of the internet culture, bro or would that be too much of a sensible solution for da fellas?

Give Jala the Boot, says Senators Club

Jala is our Malaysia airlines tai kor, the only reason that the SC decided to call for his resignation was.. wait.. get this. Their flight was delayed for ages and they were disappointed with the service/reasons etc. Oh duh! welcome senators, to the rest of our world. NOw they bother about quality control is it? 

FTs movers for PM’s Mission 2057

Yes, the PM’s really getting his groove on now! The federal terrorities are to be the “testbeds” for the world class cities that the PM believes Malaysia will have by 2057. No mention of the other stuff huh? Leaky buildings, red tape, bureaucratic crap, corruption, nothing has soul anymore in our buildings etc. Mind you, depends on what HISTORY they think they want to preserve.. isn’t it. 

Face up to challengers, entrepreneurs told

Entrepreneurs told they have to face challengers in the global market, not just locally. Uh huh.. How do we equip them to do that I wonder.. 

Government seeks to mould well rounded individuals

 Now this made me laugh. Well rounded individuals. Acc to the Cousin, he is “considering” the recommendations by the Malaysians Examinations Syndicate to have a less exam orientated education system, a major revamp is considered from preschool to primary level. What is he looking at? Moral Values, Entrepreneurial skills and languages. Right. Moral values. Preach moral values but do not lead by example. Can tell by our civic consciousness (or lack thereof) hor.. So the Cousin has spoken and thus it will apparently will happen. Until the next thing pops into his head and he’ll prob change his mind. who knows. Man, the Ministers of Education.What can I say without getting arrested for no reason LOL 


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