What’s in a headline these days..

“Help make Malaysia an education hub”

( Well, fix your education system first, then wonder about making it an education hub. Duh.)

“PR for Rexy and family”

(Rexy is our national badminton doubles coach, he’s from Indonesia. Its a big deal cos he got approval so fast and those who have been here decades, married to locals, raised their kids etc, can’t get PR status. Does make u wonder no?).

“Umno not an elitist party, says Najib”


“Blueprint to produce more marketable grads”

(gee, I wonder what’s wrong with our education system now that our graduates can’t even be employed. Sigh)

These are headlines that caught my eye today. But right now, after last nights crazy night with the kids, that’s all I can say HAHA.  I’m so sleepy so I haven’t had the energy to dig up the links in the Star for you. Sorry, ah!

ok, I’ll blog more when I have the energy. Have a good w.end!


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