So where is our PM then?

He’s quietly disappeared, right? Pergi honeymoon ke? I wish I knew. the conspiracy theorists have their view. To me, it just reeks of something brewing, cos if go on holiday, nemind mah, but why have to sneak off? Lagi the poor guys who died in the Nuri helicopter crash, not a word from him on that, these guys were in our nation’s service. They still wont ground them, how many crashes already? Put a beacon if crash, geez!

Every day something new, more things. A friend told me that the discrimmination here subtle and rare, not sure I can believe that, I guess its in the schools etc that is the problem. Now all girls have to wear baju kurung every friday in govt schools? Thats what I’ve noticed and other parents have said. Thats unexpected. Not that if u want to wear baju kurung, ok lah.. but ALL? I dont even remember that.

I don’t know what to think anymore. Sigh.


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