Now we talking impressive debate skills here

You can’t help comparing our bunch of “actors” in Parliament to the overseas career politicians. Not saying there isn’t corruption and bureaucracy and pettiness in these places, lah. But look how they carry themselves, especially with tough questions. And not “stupid, stupid, stupid” comment in sight.

US Presidential Democratic Party Candidates Debate carried by CNN and Youtube (not sure this is the right title). Can you see ANY of our bunch talking half as well about any issue? and no one fell asleep! hehe

And they use the internet as their means of reaching out to more voters, not alienate them. They have blogs, use youtube etc. What do we do?  Well, you know the answer to that. I’m a blogger, and by chance, I just happened to be an “unemployed” woman. Apparently b/c being a full time mum/freelance writer isn’t being gainfully employed.

Most countries have a strong two party system. Australia and Britain have what they call “shadow” cabinents, where the exisiting opposition party has their own cabinent mirroring that of the ruling party. Now that would be something to see over here huh? We need a strong two party system, not based on racial grounds, just REAL ideology and having a strong opposition and the chance of losing a General Election may be what this country needs to shake off these nasty developments.

What do you think?


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