Art of Negotiation By 5 year olds.

Ps blog entry reg: the sudden fussy eating phase of her almost-3 Tee has elements that really struck a chord.

We’ve started doing a mixed portion of white and brown rice. the others have eaten it, j2 refuses. he’s not liking to eat spinach, which he used to LOVE. He’s not eating enough veg now. They do go through phases, I know this but it gets so tiresome, esp when they used to love it. and you’ve tried all different recipes to try and tempt em. He’s going to have to get used to the rice, sorry. I know, I know, I’m an evil mummy (esp acc to a relative of D’s) but tough, he has to learn what is put in front of him. I’ve done my best to accomodate their faves, esp what’s healthy and nutritious plus I make it as tasty as I can. The mummies geng and I are swopping recipes and tricks to see how to settle our munchkins’s erractic eating habit.

But the way they try and negotiate around mealtimes is quite funny (if not occasionally annoying, esp in my monster mummy mode).An example?

j1 (he is the master negotiator): Mummy, I’m doing really well, aren’t I? If I eat THIS much of the rice/veg/meat/fish, then I don’t have to finish it all.

Mum: No, I gave you just enough for your first helping. Finish what’s on your plate, please.

j1: But, mummy, you said that I need to eat more veg, so if I just eat the veg, then it should be ok, right?

Mummy: No, eat it altogether please.

J1: But you said eating lots of veg is good, so if I just eat the veg, then I’ll grow strong. Isn’t that, right, Mum?

my boy is either going to be a lawyer, a politician (oh please NEVER). I think many mums can relate to it. Negotiation by 5year olds. Whatever next..

EDIT: J2 absolutely refused to eat anything tonight. So I got so fed up, I took his favourite bedtime toy away. Bear was removed for one hour. I made j2 promise that he would eat whatever Mummy or Daddy say he should eat including food at school (you see, I also have to think like a lawyer to get all the “possible” arguments they can come up with), otherwise Bear will be removed. Ditto went for J1. But J2 is VERY attached to his Bear (who apparently gets to do all the cool stuff, and has a birthday almost every other day, and he comes from Canada. You gotta love kids imaginations though!). So I’m hoping this is going to work. I’ve been trying NOT to yell at him and just counting to 10, switching off the TV (I know, Ive got back into that bad habit of TV at mealtimes!), reducing portions, ignoring his whining sigh. Today, we are trying to ignore k’s (deafening!) screams and shows of temper if he doesn’t get his way. It seems to have improved today, although toilet training suffered a setback cos he managed to do most of a wee in the toilet yday but today was a no go. Clean up is never fun, I think I’ve got to quit having the pullups except for bedtime, cos he no longer naps in the daytime (much to my chagrin) but he does sleep faster at night. If he’s very tired, he will sleep but will try and do all the “quiet time” rituals that I do (or used to do) with the Js.

Let’s see how it all goes. Must chant to myself “It’s all a phase, it’s all a phase, it’s all a phase”..


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