Gasp! If this is the right cost..

Today, D mentioned to me to check Jeff Ooi’s blog for something of particular interest. Cheap airfares to Oz. yes, you read it right, cheap air fares to oz! Here’s the headlines.

our mate in Oz, K, had mentioned in sept the Oz cheap airline (sorry, budget airline hehe) was “coming soon” to KL.  If its RM88 (ignoring all the other surcharges and it’s one way), then WAH! I bet there will be heaps of takers, esp those with families or students over there. AirAsiaX, sooo when are you going to play catch up? If there’s a price war, YAY! 🙂 I’ve got a hankering to visit folks in various places. Wonder if the USA will have cheap flights there too. IF that’s the case, D will be first there to go to a con! but that’s prob in the future.

I decided to take a test run, went to the jetstar site (as linked by Mr. Ooi) and did a return/2 adults/3kids flight from KL to melbourne (this includes connecting flight to/from sydney). it was… RM1350 (without tax and other surcharges lah) But perhaps they haven’t calculated the special fare yet. And it was to melbourne and not sydney. Have to wait and see.

I’m really watching this with interest.


One thought on “Gasp! If this is the right cost..

  1. Wah! Blog marathon! I see you also tearing hair over makan. I am on a cooking strike, man. Forget it, if she’s not eating (and she helps cook all the time i.e. EXTRA WORK FOR ME!), then I’m not cooking.

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