Disciplining kids..

I’ve been the evil mummy today and told J1 he CAN’T go to his friend’s bday party on sat. He’s been rude/disobedient/fighting with brothers, this is the last straw. We took away privileges, toys, sat in corner, got a spank. It’s not happening so I’ve got to do the mighty “YOU ARE SO GROUNDED” card. I was thinking, “He’s not yet 5 and already kena grounded?! what happens when he’s a tween/teen?” finished! LOL

I don’t know if it’s too harsh but it’s going to be what I have to do. I don’t like using the rotan (a bamboo cane, very prevalent in asian households), actually the threat of it has been very effective (Im trying not to use the threat that often either), cos if it comes out, the kids know “OH MAN! I’m in SERIOUS trouble now!”.

I will admit that I’ve got more snappy lately (the exercising etc has helped, it’s some “me” time too), my patience for things have considerably reduced. D is trying to get out of that habit, but I seem to be picking it up now. I get the most mad when you’ve taken your time cooking for them, getting them to help then they refuse to eat. URGHHH I know the experts say don’t take it personally, I haven’t always bitten my tongue and counted to 10 like I used to. Sigh. and with k’s regression into screaming and whining more than talking of late, it’s just been jolly all around.  His teacher had started spoon feeding him every meal time (cos she can’t tahan the mess he can make) but I’ve put a stop to that. He had started not to want to feed himself, which is SO not like him, that independent sod that he is. Parenting sure is a challenge huh?

I see the Little People, Big People show and the Roloffs and I can foresee what’s coming. Joy 🙂  What are your tricks for disciplining? For the 3 people who read my blog LOL, let’s see!


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