here’s a question I have..

I recently was told that Overseas Malaysians can’t register as voters or even vote (someone was told this at their Consulate). my reaction to that was.. not polite to say the least. Is that True?! How can that be so? Wat’s wrong with the EC?! So a quick check at the EC’s FAQ section told me that no one can register at the consulate, if u want to register as a voter, u go home! Geez, what kind of mentality is that? Someone else mentioned they remember friends voting while they were studying in the UK, has this rule changed? If so, why? Apparently only students and govt servants overseas can vote. Everybody else, sorrylah,you can’t! why is that? Can it be true? I believe Patrick (see links on side) mentioned this. So the cookie crumbles it seems..

and what’s up with the ban on any reaction to DPM’s Islamic state comment? Aiyoooo.. is this a sign of things to come? No one can expressan opinion about issues in their country? Hmmm…


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