What is happening in the world of Cuddly people?

Well, it’s been birthday parties at the w.end, the kids school got closed cos of HFM cases (it happens each year lah, seems to rotate around schools), they will have to disinfect the place among other things. So I’ve got three nutcases in the house today (or four if u count their friend YH who is here to visit). Its been.. tiring in some ways LOL We went for a walk this morning (ugh no chance for gym or daily walks also, eewwww geram (frustrating). and it rained yday). So they r tired today, and playing with their friend. Hopefully k will sleep.

With the return of the haze, we’ve had the inhalers out as well, j2 had a short illness but picked up again now. D also had on and off sore throat, blocked nose. The weather is depressing. Hot, humid, oppressive with a dull yellow haze about. As usual, nothing will be done about it. Shoulders will shrug,things like “haze season lor, what can you do?!” I don’t know, you’re our blasted government, do SOMETHING..

Maybe cos they can sit in a/c all day, slaughter animals in the Parliament carpark with nary a thought towards other religions that might be offended by the sight. Actually, I don’t think folks of any background would enjoy seeing animals being slaughtered in full view. I really do wonder these days what’s going on. There’s no real check and balance, accountability u see. I really do wish they showed the Parliament sittings on TV like they do elsewhere, I could do with some more comedy. Not sure if it’s really comedy or an exercise in frustration.

Marina Mahathir, Jeff Ooi and Rocky all say it better than I can really. the only way I can really show anything is to vote. Not that the opposition all that hot lah.. but it would be nice to give the government a real wake up call. A big kick up the pants and say WEI! get your act in order lah. But then again, I wonder if anybody else cares, apathy is one of our greatest banes.

Ok enough of the ranting LOL Our comic book project is going well, hopefully things will go well enough and we can publish before the year’s out. More on this as we have news 🙂

later days!


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