What has been happening to us?

Well, i’ve been going to the gym regularly, 3x a week now, lost 1kg so far, not bad for 2 months eh? Im enjoying it so far. Changing eating habits too, removing any real “temptations” in the house for snackage 🙂 D has changed his routine in that he will go to the gym early morning since it’s been so hard to go at night after work. So 3x a week he goes after we wake up. He’s also eating a good breakfast at home and taking small portions etc. Im real glad that we are making the lifestyle changes, esp after the health warnings from his doctor. I’ve now aiming to start running (well, fast walk, slow jog, interchanging, till I get fitter and stronger) now, the other 3 days, so tues and thurs I will go for a run (trying to find kaki to go with hehe) while d gets the kids ready for school etc. Sat we all go together. I think we will try alternating btwn Central Park and TTDI park, depending on how energetic 🙂 Who would have “thunk” it, me, running! haha

Min and I are aiming to do two runs this year: Subang, either the 3km or 5km (may not be able to run all that way yet but I want a goal to work towards). It includes a family fun run, which means that the kids and don can do that walk together 🙂 And the other one is the Terry Fox Run where you run for charity, also includes a family fun run. That one I aim to run all the way.

Its been good to get into the swing of exercises, although school hols are a problem for me in terms of going to the gym etc. but there’s a will, there’s a way right? I’ll try and get the website for the subang run up here.

Min suggested I keep a weightloss diary or blog, but not sure Im so disciplined also! hehe

I want to be as healthy as poss and to instill this for my kids ya know? Gotta live as long as I can, with as much quality of life as possible.

wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “What has been happening to us?

  1. Let’s do this. Why don’t you post your food & exercise diary on a weekly basis. You note down on paper first, then post on weekend. I challenge you. At least then, we’d feel more ‘guilty’ when we think of reaching our for that Kit Kat. What say you?

  2. Some friends of mine started a running program, coached and supervised by one of our group who’s
    an “experienced” runner/climber. You start off by alternating 2-min walks with 1-min runs, switch to 1-min each, then gradually up the running minutes and maintain the walking at 1-min. Last I checked they were up to HALF AN HOUR of straight, nonstop running! All in a matter of a couple months, I believe twice a week. Joined them once to “check it out”, unfortunately on the Bukit Kiara track where I barely lasted 15 seconds!!!

    Was gymming regularly about twice a week, had a few weeks’ break during the haze/heat thing which then coincided with assignments/exam/slight flu… just went again today, yay!!! It makes a big difference in my lung capacity – tolerance to chilly temperatures and ability to laugh out long and loud without degenerating into coughing and wheezing which, given my temperament, is quite crucial!

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