A very sad moment.

A friend of ours (one of our mummies group crowd) lost her husband in a very tragic, horrible car crash two days ago. I heard over the “mummies network” about this, was unconfirmed, till I decided to ring my friend directly. Much to my horror, it was true. What roughly had happened was that a crane was being repaired more or less in the emergency lane in the NKVE, the owners of the crane said they did put cones around the crane (well did ya think of putting warning beacons EARLIER?!). There was an earlier accident and yet it wasnt moved. my friend’s husband tried to brake, skidded and smashed right into it and was burnt alive 😦 What a most horrible way to die..

I feel soooo much for L and her family, I cant imagine what’s she’s going thru, what to do myself, Im so in shock, I really cant imagine what it’s like for her. we want to do what we can for her, thankfully the family has rallied around her. The funeral was today, the poor wife had to claim the body at the hospital two days ago (it was burnt beyond recognition, they only identified him thru the vehicle’s chassis number!). Our hearts and sympathy goes out to her and her family, those 3 poor kids who will now never see their father as they grow up.

I had to give my kids a big big big hug last night (although j1 did smack me away, go away mummy, im trying to SLEEP lol) and tell d again how much I love him and how lucky I am.  Shows you again how fragile and precious life is and how to grab opportunities while it’s still there, cos you can’t always get it back. puts a whole spin on things doesnt it.. Min also put it succintly too.

Again, our love and condolences to L and her family.


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