Financial planning.. earning an income.. the dilemma asian moms face.

Strangely today I saw a financial planner pal to talk over the usual, budgeting, debt management, expanding savings, reducing expenses, etc. It was a good (eye opening) session, feeling a bit more positive about our situation now with some changes to be implementation so hopefully by end of this year, we wont be as snowed under, if not earlier 🙂

After talking things over with don, he mentioned Jenn had posted something that concerns us in her blog entry. I don’t mean us as in me or don lah.. It’s an issue that we can relate to definitely. SAHM (stay at home mum) or WAHM (work at home mum) or.. how to generate an income.

I’ve slowly learnt not to worry TOO much about the “wasting your education to jaga kids” Forunately my family, esp my parents and d see it as a positive thing, being at home with the kids. But I know others will will look at you or rather through you or past you. I do feel guilty reg: the lack of income (trying to change that now) and putting that much pressure on d earning the $$. Let’s see how this year pans out and with the help of the financial planner, perhaps things can loook up some 🙂

Jen, fingers crossed for you! I know what u mean reg: the “sell out” feeling. I’d be bored to tears about writing that stuff too LOLGood luck ok, babe?

So much going on huh? Not long to cNY!


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