It’s an anniversary..

Happy anniversary to d and myself.. nolah.. not wedding anniversary.. the First day of our relationship 🙂 How very cutesy HAHAHA

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Im going to whinge about our internet service provider. Andrew’s article summarises it mostly aptly ( the original A. Asohan article from the Star that started this rant). Settling our bill this morning, d asked me to check what our usage amounts are like (this is now printed on our bill, dunno why also, it’s unlimited mah). Apparently by middle of this year, it’s supposed to no longer be an unlimited package and our bandwidth will be limited to 5mb or something absolutely ridiculous. What the.. with 5mb, u can barely do anything.. Our neighbours down south (yes I know politicians dont like to be reminded they r there) are looking at 10 GB! at least for bandwidth.. and we are going backwards fast if this is implemented. South Korea (populationnot far off from ours lagi) has 25GB! their peneration rate is 80% upwards.. On the one hand, u say u want to break into market share.. but this is how you do it?!?!

Like Drew says, u say u want IT savvy household, be able to compete on the global stage, blah blah blah blah.. and this is how you think you can do it?! Not everyone who downloads is downloading illegal stuff.. Don’t they know how to cope with all this? I can’t skype with my family overseas anymore (is this TM makes their money then, for we have to make international calls) if that is the limit. Does this apply to businesses too? What if you are a home based or small biz, where does that leave them? hmm? Tell me that, Mr. Ever Increasing Profit Big Semi-gomen Company??? Or do they care? Thats the other thing. Monopoly leaves them to do whatever they want lah.. It’s not like there’s serious competition amongst the Internet providers anyway (compared to how our mobile phone providers have been fighting over market share)..

Wonder what Mr. Niamah would make of it… Great way to start the Chinese new year hor.. 30-50% increase in foodstuff during cNY, toll increase, fuel price goes down but they say they need a “year” to study it.. but if fuel price up, it translates to us faster than an Ah Long throws red paint. Toll agreement details are OSA. Sigh. Things seem to be unravelling so fast. It does make you wonder what else hasnt been reported yet.

Bok house and Hutton Lane Bungalow, two houses built by rich men.. One by chinese tycoon.. one by a Muslim brudder.. which one will they bother to save? I need not say more.. very saddening also.. but good also lah, so long as they save SOMETHING of our heritage.. At least we are better than Ghana (or some where else they like to quote)..

Drought coming soon. Joy indeed. They claim they are prepared for the eventuality but y’all better start conserving water etc etc “Just in case”.. will they blame it on “Act of God, can’t do anything” this time? Or would it be the famous “It rained in the wrong place” excuse?

Sorry, I guess it’s a cynical way to start monday, and the last few days of the year of the monkey-? (cant remember already LOL)- but aww heck.. Need to rethink our lives yet again, meeting a financial planner pal on tues to talk about rethinking our lifestyle/budget etc. Need to get ourselves more disciplined or we will always have this mountain of debt, barely enough to live on (cant wait for Js to start primary school in some ways, bloody cheaper than preschool). If not, no:4 has to wait yet again.. sigh.. Wonder if I can sell my eggs LOL Calm down lah u all.. its just my sense of humour 🙂

Fingers crossed year of the Fire Boar/Golden Pig brings better things..

Gong Xi Fa Chai to one and all!


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