Today how?

The Js slept well thankfully. at around 11pm, k started bawling, eyes closed, thrashing around. At first it was cos he was so congested, he tends to swallow back whatever hes thrown up. But finally he threw up a big chunk of phlegm. He seemed to settle back to sleep. Then it began, screaming, thrashing, babbling dunno wat. He wasnt awake. This brought back memories of Jamie and his night fears/terrors. Mannnn that was a nightmare time, we did so much research etc. He outgrew it but not before we all looked like zombies LOL After researching and making some routine changes, things also help settle down.

What are night terrors and what can you do about them?

Prob the congestion and cough and the last two days of brattiness from all and sundry started playing on his little mind, overexcitement and overstimulation also can do the same. We had to just let him thrash around and work it out (just watch him to make sure he doesnt fall off the bed), then I rocked him gently after we changed his nappy. Strangely after taking off his PJ pants and with a clean nappy and a big cuddle, he actually fell asleep properly (at 4am!), nasib baik the Js were good and we slept in till late (a bit toooo late for a school day haha). less than 4hours! haha Better than nothing otherwise even harder to function. Luckily Rani’s bus managed to get in on time! so she was here earlier than usual. Its great to have an extra pair of hands to help! Hopefully k will nap today, su has offered to jaga js while the Ks sleep so I can also have an hour’s nap! Whew, that will help sooooo much!!!! 🙂 Im trying to fight off getting the cough, and the monthly curse is hinting at its appearence early.. BLECH.. just to cap off my week LOL

I havent even decorated for CNY! EEEEKKK I have to plan makan, go marketing, I’ve decided NOT to bake this time around, just haven’t the energy at the moment. I prob change me mind (oh oh I finally got the Food processor to work w.o smelling funny! u knowlah these new gadgets, I cashed in on points).. Now I just have to get my breadmaker back to working, then happy nya..

What are YOUR traditions for CNY Reunion Even dinners/lunches?


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