I lost it today

Jamie acting up like some chronic brat these last few days, never seen him soooo nasty.. dunno why also, it could be post-illness recovery or something.. but I’ve reached my limits already, the brink of that fine line between wanting to smack him silly or shake some sense into him.. Don’t all parents reach this limit? This is when I HAVE to walk away or I’d just fall to pieces. K is following his brother’s lead and even Josh now is trying it on… I rang d who was on his way home and I said right this is it, I can’t deal with them anymore today, they r waiting for u to come home to put to bed, everything else is ready. K is crying now at the bottom of the stairs but Im being deaf. I had to get away for a few mins or else I’d just cry buckets (was fighting back the tears just now when on phone to Mr. Cuddly) or scream or smack the kids or break something..

Is it just me being a nasty momma.. am I really cut out for this SAHM thing (stay at home mum)? Most days I think I am.. Then I get these monster mum days (and the last two days have been REALLY monster days) and I start doubting myself.. Then after a wee break, I get back into the whole rhythm of things again.. I guess I’m being human, you tell me, do you have days like this too, parents? Then in the morning when they give you hugs and kisses and tell u they love you.. it seems to just disappear.. Humans have short term memories (yes, YOU, Mr. Bush), thats prob why women have more kids, despite labour lol or why folks keep having wars and arguments and accept how shoddy things seem to be going these days at home.. It’s prob PMS too, combined with long days lately, sick kids, the usual stuff.. Im sure I’ll get over it..

Have you had any monster days lately?


4 thoughts on “I lost it today

  1. HUGS!! You’re only human. Who says parents are to be perfect? Everyone is under a lot of stress from not feeling well, taking care of those not feeling well, fighting off germs and trying to cope with less sleep. Take a break, even if it’s just for a couple of hours. I think you need that!

  2. Oh, big huggy wuggy to you! I promise you, once my book nightmare is over, you drop your 3 here after school and head off to wherever you wish. I will give them lunch, bath them and entertain them for 5 hours. LOL – then I’d probably need a week off, due to inexperience and lack of stamina with four monkeys! LOL LOL…deal?

  3. thanks hun 🙂 fortunately yday was one of those good days, k finally slept ok last night, more of a dry cough, although his nose is still runny. hun, dont worry about it lah.. I think after ur book nightmare, tess would want to see u more first lol before the invasion of 3 monkeys! thank u for the offer 🙂

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