Where have we been?

Been very busy lately, with helping friends move things, parents visit, sick kids, all sorts of stuff… so I haven’t been able to post lately.

Most days the Js have homework. just a page, practising their writing (a letter or a number etc), they r doing so well, very proud of them 🙂 The new Mandarin teacher (from China l agi, wei, dont play play!!) told me yday that their Mandarin is very good. Waahh so canggih! I wonder if I need to do some mandarin of my own.. eek, dunno LOL Partly cost is our limit now.. and I have so little time at the moment, see how also 🙂

K’s talking so much clearer now, little sentences mostly “I want (fill in).. ” for example ” I want bed” I want bear”.. “I want try.. ” “I tired” “I want mum- mum (food)” .. “Do want (dont want) milk/poo” I havent been great with the potty training.. malas lah.. He’s getting better at napping in the pm most of the time (rather than the having to rock him, and all that).. trying to be more disciplined with him now (I got lazy with the 3rd child).. He loves to dance and hop (yeah he can hop or jump with two feet up in the air, so cute!).. EDIT: forgot to say, on sunday he said “Mummy” and “Daddy” woooohoooo two syllable words!
Thats about it really.. see D’s pix for more snapshots..:)

eeek… CNY coming!!!


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