A letter to an American and a bunch of Malaysians.

As promised to Jenn in response to her letter. It’s prob not as witty as hers but I’ll have a go 😀

So here goes:

To Mr. Al Gore, Environmentalist and former politician,

cc. our Malaysian Government

Dear Mr. Al Gore,

Congratulations on your new found fervent interest in environmentalism. You even have a movie out on your new passion, heard it’s very interesting, well done! Now why would I, a Malaysian, be writing to an American politician (sorry, I meant “former” politician) ? Well, simply put, it’s the global environment,we live in the same planet, don’t we (despite what a certain person with the “W” in his name seems to think otherwise)?

I am sure as a fervent environmentalist, you have watched with concern the changing weather patterns, the more violent and extreme storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, hitting our beleaugured planet at the moment.’El nino is coming!” claims the scientists and they warn us to expect a very dry year with more crappy weather too. Great, just what I always wanted to hear. No one seems to be doing anything proactive, even to the point of DENYING the greenhouse effect.

Perhaps from your last visit to Malaysia, instead of yabbering about reformasi and supporting it, you should have instead used stern rhetoric (accompanied by a pointing finger to the sternum) to bring Indonesia and other ASEAN countries (including ours) for allowing the haze to continue each year, each time gaining ickyness (yes that IS a technical term). I have cc. this letter to our Malaysian government, cos well.. one would hope our own government would spend time DOING something instead of TALKING about doing something. Mind you, we could blame it on acts of God and just dissolve any responsibility. Perhaps your US politicians could find that particular excuse useful 🙂 Seems to do wonders for our own government.

I’d actually love to see all you fellas stuck indoors with everything shut with 3 young kids, trying to keep em entertained and not getting sick. Or three sick kids with no maid to help you. Or wait, fight through the smog and traffic while paying a 60% rise in toll to get to your doctor, whilst avoiding the potfholes. Then driving around and around trying to find parking. Find a clinic nearby and walk, I hear you cry? Well, u tried walking along our pavements? Or worse, moving a stroller along those pavements? (oh, that’s sidewalks to you, Mr. Gore), If not getting hit by snatch thieves (and generally no ordinary mum carries an expensive handbag, unless u count a nappy backpack as one?), you have to fight through traffic to even try and cross a road and avoid getting hit by non-red-light seeing motorists.

Would you, instead of supporting a war which no one else wanted, devote your time to stamping out environmental disasters waiting to happen Mr. Gore? would you find a way to get our “abundance” of flood waters sent over to drought ridden africa and Australia? We seem to be amassing a greater amount of these flood waters each year (this year/end last year being the worse in a century), may as well find some use for it. I would have to warn you it’s chocolate coloured, full of I dont know what cos well, we dont have a very active Rivers/environment/water supply bunch of folks here. Ignoring the increasing water tariff of course.  Perhaps this brings back memories of Hurricane Katrina stomping across new orleans and neighbouring states. Or was it “an act of god” and a way to practice population control?

As you can see, Mr. Gore (and the other fellas), Im a very concerned citizen (yes, Im Malaysian dang it! I refuse to check boxes that only define me as a race) and humbly ask what you plan to do about the environment you appear to be so fond of. Recyling is in its infancy here, perhaps we could pay you hundreds of thousands as a “consultant” and you could advise us in that capacity? We are fond of doing that. Oh, if anything goes wrong, you will get blamed instantly and get sued and we’d do without any conveniences as the dispute rages on. Our works minister is a past master at this, he’d be happy to advise you Im sure.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

Yours sincerely,

A concerned mum in Malaysia.


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