Johor Floods…

A state brought to its knees..

Since late dec/early Jan, we have had consistent floods (and I mean DEVASTATING) down south in Johor, an entire state “bogged” down in water.. over 100K homeless, goodness knows the cost from monetary POV but also health and other concerns that will crop up. Seeing the govt’s handling of the matter or not.. Not declared a state of emergency? Looters gone nuts?No aid (given as “LOANS” for effing sake for the most part) seen? Not a mention of any gomen party getting stuck in to help out (save smattering of MCA I believe, judging from the Star but who knows lol).. No constant reminding us to give generously and HOW to give generously, care packages etc?
More images from this: TV Smith (also follow links etc on other reports).

My heart goes out to these folks. I get to go on my daily routine here, Im safe at home (well relatively speaking, crime being what it is lol), kids go to school, play outside, sleep at night. Its definitely a time to count and savour my blessings!

any idea on how to organise care packages for Johor? (and how to send it on and what’s really needed?)

May the gomen and Malaysians alike get off their comfy behinds and rally around! (do we have an Oprah figure? ehehe)


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